Michelle Greenberg Lecturer, The Cook Family Writing Program

Michelle Greenberg teaches a variety of classes: Design Thinking and Communication, a team-taught course in problem solving and communicating about complex engineering problems; Movies, Culture, and Society, a writing seminar that explores the relationship between movies and changing values in American society from the 1940s to the present; and the Summer Academic Workshop, an intensive course for new students that prepares them for the rigors of writing across the curriculum.

Greenberg's background is in journalism. Before coming to Northwestern in 1986, she was an award-winning editorial writer and associate producer for ABC-TV's Boston affiliate, and then served as Deputy Press Secretary for the New York State Attorney General. Thus, she is particularly interested in rhetorical strategies involved in advocacy, especially of unpopular positions. She also has an interest in psychological writing, having been Dissertation Editor for the Illinois School of Professional Psychology for many years.

In her teaching, Greenberg helps students to overcome difficulties in writing, to employ a process of discovery that removes barriers to thinking and natural expression. She draws on many influences in creative fields, including her own experiences as a life-long learner and performer as a jazz singer-pianist.